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An Iranian power plant suffered from a fire which affected a transformer in the power station in Ahvaz, a city in southwest Iran. Aljazeera.com has reported that this fire is just one of several incidents that took place around this area in the month of June. Reports also indicate that an incident took place at the Natanz uranium-enrichment site, which suffered combustion caused by a gas leak that sparked, killing 19 people.

Earlier on June 26th, a leak from a gas storage facility near the Parchin military and weapons development base also combusted, resulting in a fire. No casualties have been reported from that incident.


Authorities in Iran reported that an investigation has begun to determine the cause of the fire and no casualties have been reported at this time.

Overloading, aging, and poor cable contact can cause a transformer to overheat, often resulting in a fire disaster. As a result, a temperature monitoring system is the ideal solution to mitigate and prevent such disasters.

The Senkox HSD Linear Hot Spot Detection System offers unparalleled versatility, accuracy, and functionality in managing transformer safety, The Senokox HSD Linear Heat Sensors can be installed don the outer shell of the transformer by using a magnetic mounting kit.

Senkox HSD Linear Hot Spot Detection System for Transformers

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