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Aljazeera.com and other sources have reported a fire incident that started at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility on July 2nd that caused significant damage to the area. It is reported that this damage could slow development of advanced centrifuges.

No injuries or deaths have been reported, and the cause of the fire itself is a mystery. Officials have confirmed that they have been able to determine the cause of the fire the following day, but has not released any specific details as of yet. In the same statement released, it was confirmed the location of the fire did not contain nuclear materials, and none of its inspectors were present at the time.

Nuclear and other chemical vessels can cause widespread disasters when the unfortunate event of fire or combustion occurs. Due to the toxic nature of these chemicals, it is important to ensure the contents are continuously monitored. Senkox Technologies Inc. has developed Linear Heat Detection Sensors, and advanced DAQ Modules, to assist various industries in the detection, mitigation, and prevention of combustion. Our advanced monitoring systems are ideal to detect the rising temperature (Hot-Spot) of sensitive assets before a disaster happens.

Senkox HSD Sensors and DAQ Module

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