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The government-ran NLC Power Plant located in the state of Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district in southern India has suffered a massive blast. It is reported the blast is the second deadliest boiler explosion within the last two months.

The incident is reported to have occurred at “Unit V” of the NCL Power Plant II, and the unit was shut down when the mishap happened. A similar accident in May occurred in a different unit of the same company.

A company spokesman told DPA news that “The boiler was not in operation… There was an explosion followed by a fire that injured the workers and contractual laboureres.” In the same statement, the spokesperson said that an official investigation was underway.

High temperature processing vessels, such as coal gasifiers, reactor vessels, and induction furnaces usually have an inner shell made of refractory materials.

Over time, the refractory materials will sustain damage through cracking, degradation, and flame burner impingement. These symptoms will cause the other shell to overheat, which will in turn reduce the containment strength of the outer shell, creating potentially catastrophic conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor the other skin temperature of these vessels.

Senkox HSD™ Linear Hot Spot Detectors provide an ideal solution for detecting hot spots on the outer skin. The Senkox HSD™ Linear Heat Sensors (LHS) are steel shielded for high temperature applications and can work in conditions up to 600 °C.

Senkox HSD™ Linear Hot Spot Detectors continuously monitor the entire surface of the vessel’s outer skin temperature in real-time, providing valuable information about localized hot spot temperatures as well as localized overheating temperatures, ultimately indicating the potential deterioration of the refractory lining.

Senkox HSD Hot Spot Detection Systems for High Temperature Vessels

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