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California’s largest utility company, Pacific Gas and Electric, has put over $5 billion dollars and over 20 percent of its stock into a trust for the victims of wildfires and other incidents caused by their utility equipment. They’ve also restructured their board of directors, with Bill Smith acting as an interim chief executive officer.

Remnants of a home destroyed during Camp Fire, Paradise, CA.

In January 2019, the company sought bankruptcy protection as a result of an estimated $30 billion dollars in liability due to fires started by poorly maintained equipment. One of the incidents in 2018, dubbed the deadliest fire in California at the time, destroyed the town of Paradise, resulting in many deaths. The company gave a guilty plea to 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter from the deaths in the Camp Fire. In 2015, the company has also been charged with six felony counts related to a gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people in San Bruno.

Overloading, aging, and poor cable contact can cause a transformer to overheat, often resulting in a fire disaster. As a result, a temperature monitoring system is the ideal solution to mitigate and prevent such disasters.

The Senkox HSD Linear Hot Spot Detection System offers unparalleled versatility, accuracy, and functionality in managing transformer safety, The Senokox HSD Linear Heat Sensors can be installed don the outer shell of the transformer by using a magnetic mounting kit.

Senkox HSD Linear Hot Spot Detection System for Transformers

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