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Fires caused by lithium battery opereated vehicles and stations have been on the rise since many vehicle manufactures are switching to hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Between Chevy recalling their line of Bolt Electric Vehicles, and a major fire outbreak in a Tesla factory located in Australia, there is a growing concern that these outbreaks will become more common.

Tesla Battery Factory in Australia © Fire Rescue Victoria/AFP via Getty

When dealing with lithium battery fires, normal extinguishing methods are often ineffective, making it much more difficult for safety personnel and firefighters to respond to the situation. In the case of the Tesla Battery Factory in Australia, it’s reported that it took firefighters three days to fully extinguish the outbreak. More often than not, this results in more manpower to contain the fire.

While a power surge in these situations is almost unavoidable, fire outbreaks can be mitigated with proper monitoring technology.

Senkox HSD-T system installed over batteries.

Senkox HSD-T Temperature Monitoring System

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