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It’s reported that in the early morning of October 11th, a gasoline tank located in Lebenon suffered a massive fire outbreak due to operational error during fuel transfers.

Image and original story courtesy of industrialfireworld.com and their respective owners.

According to reports from the National News Agency, during a routine fuel transfer from one tank to another within the Zahrani oil facility on the Mediterranean coast, an operational error occurred that caused the combustion of the fuel. The fire reportedly raged for several hours and the direct cause is still under investigation.

As many countries go on a similar path to increase oil refining within various sectors, outbreaks are an ever-present risk, while protecting assets, employees, and the public is an ever-growing concern.

It’s reported that no person was injured during the suppression and extinguishing process, which took several hours throughout the morning.

As more countries throughout the globe look to expand their oil reserves, the prevention and early detection of heat abnormalities within petroleum storage facilities continue to grow. In industries where a small outbreak can turn into a disaster very quickly, fire mitigation is paramount.

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