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As more and more lithium ion battery installations continue to pop up globally, problems in temperature monitoring and fire outbreaks are becoming commonplace across the world.

Image Courtesy of NBC News

According to several reports, including an MSNBC report, fires in large installations as well as house fires due to smart-charging stations are growing.

In 2022 alone, it’s reported that over 200 fires resulting in six fatalities and 147 injuries took place in New York City alone. The cause for these fires can very, from poor battery construction, to failed monitoring practices. The full news report can be viewed below.

With outbreaks like this becoming far too common, it is becoming clear that simple fire detection is not enough. Within all sectors of utility, power, or oil and gas, there is a growing need for continuous monitoring to prevent outbreaks like these from happening to begin with.

One of the simplest solutions to help monitor the temperature of these batteries and charging stations, is to install a Senkox Linear Heat Detector. These sensors can not only monitor the temperatures of any battery installation, but also alert personnel to any change in the temperature, allowing for quick and concise response.

Senkox Technologies, Inc. is committed to providing state-of-the-art multi-functional Linear Heat Detection Sensors, and advanced DAQ Modules, to assist various industries in the detection, mitigation, and prevention of combustion. Our advanced monitoring systems are ideal to detect the rising temperature (Hot-Spot) of sensitive assets before a disaster happens.

Senkox TDS-BT Temperature Monitoring System

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