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About Senkox

Senkox Technologies Inc. is a dynamic company committed to developing state-of-the-art sensor technology. Senkox’s innovative hot spot detection products are distinguished from other linear heat detection products by functionality, robustness of usage and the flexibility of installation and maintenance.

Senkox not only provides hot spot detection products –but also project-specific monitoring solutions according to customer requirements.

Senkox has worked with many partners in various industries to develop hot spot detection products specifically suitable for monitoring large industrial assets and chemical processing–making these products the ideal choice for distributed temperature monitoring diverse assets such as chemical reactor vessels, oil tank storage and coal storage etc. Check out our Applications page to see more examples.

By placing effective, high quality monitoring solutions as a top concern, Senkox provides you with superior customer care and technical support, ensuring that our products provide optimal protection –not only to critical processes and loss reduction– but also to the health and safety of your company’s employees.