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Coal Storage

Spontaneous combustion has long been recognized as a fire hazard in coal storage facilities such as coal silos and sheds. These accidents usually begin as hot spots generated by oxidation and the poor release of heat deep in the coal silo, eventually resulting in widespread fire. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor hot spots within the coal silo.

Since coal silos are generally very large in volume, the temperature monitoring system involved has to be composed of distributed sensors that are able to cover large areas within the silo.  Moreover, the temperature sensors must also be very durable to be able to withstand the stress of coal loading and unloading.  Senkox HSD™ Linear Heat Sensors (LHS) with flange support can be installed vertically in the middle of the coal silo. The LHS sensors are able to withstand high temperature, abrasion, and pressure.

For larger size coal storage applications, such as in a coal dome, spontaneous combustion is most likely to occur near the walls, as these are the areas where residual coal piles up.  Senkox HSD™ LHS sensors can be installed vertically along the walls. This installation pattern will allow monitoring of the dome in areas most likely to experience hot spots.  Real-time data regarding temperature evaluations, as well as data on the size and position of the hot spot, can then be monitored by operation controllers.

Application Diagram (Coal Silo)

Application Diagram (Large Coal Dome)

Technical Advantages

  • Intrinsically safe sensors, can be installed in hazardous locations.
  • Rugged sensors with extra strength protection, withstand high abrasion and stress.
  • Sensors withstand high temperature, can be restored after alarm.
  • Simple system layout, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Detects hot spot temperature, position and size in real-time.
  • Provides the rate of temperature change (ROTC).

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