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Conveyor System

All conveyor systems are at risk of fire caused either by the ignition of transported materials or by equipment failure. A mechanical fault in the bearing of a roller, or the friction between the roller and the belt, can produce a buildup of heat sufficient to ignite a fire. In the case of a coal conveyor system, the risk of fire is exceptionally high. 

Senkox HSD™ Linear Heat Sensors are installed either on the side of the conveyor belt and/or above the idler arms. Senkox HSD™ Linear Hot Spot Detectors can monitor the temperature of the conveyor and detect any hot spots along the belt; if a hot spot is detected, the HSD detectors will target the identified hot spots and trigger specific sprinkler systems to eliminate the condition of overheating.

Application Diagram

Technical Advantages

  • Intrinsically safe, sensors can be installed in hazardous locations.
  • Continuous linear sensors provide superior coverage.
  • Rugged sensors withstand high abrasion and resistance to bending.
  • Sensors withstand high temperature, can be restored after alarm.
  • Simple system layout, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Detect real-time hot spot temperature, position and size.

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