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Overloading, aging, and poor cable contact can cause a transformer to overheat, often resulting in a fire disaster. As a result, a temperature monitoring system is the ideal solution to mitigate and prevent such disasters.

The Senkox HSD Linear Hot Spot Detection System offers unparalleled versatility, accuracy, and functionality in managing transformer fire safety. The Senkox HSD Linear Heat Sensors can be installed on the outer shell of the transformer by using a magnetic mounting kit.

Application Diagram

Technical Advantages

  • Sensors are intrinsically safe, and can be installed in hazardous locations.
  • Continuous and flexible linear sensor provides intimate coverage.
  • Continuous temperature monitoring and rapid response to changes in temperature.
  • Sensors are able to withstand high temperature and can be reused repeatedly.
  • Simple system layout with easy installation, low maintenance.
  • Detects the hot spot temperature in real-time.
  • Details the position and size of any hot spot.
  • Provides rate of temperature change (ROTC).

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