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Battery Packs and Charging Stations

Senkox Linear HSD Hot Spot Heat Detection Cable Trays

Battery charging stations and Li-ion battery packs are electromagnetic devices that transfer energy from one circuit to another and are a valuable asset to our everyday lives. These electromagnetic devices are essential in providing steady power to various buildings, homes, and cities.

Overloading, aging, and poor cable contact can cause these stationsto overheat, often resulting in a fire disaster. These disasters can be catastrophic, and due to the nature of the batteries, could often take several hours or several days to fully extinguish.

Senkox HSD™ Linear Hot Spot Detectors provide an ideal solution for the temperature monitoring charging stations and large groups of batteries..

The Senkox HSD™ Linear Heat Sensors are installed on top of power cables as well as the batteries themselves. HSD sensors are mounted in a sinusoidal wave configuration along the batteries and cables to maximize coverage. The HSD sensors can then detect the real-time temperature, location and size of any emerging hot spots.

Application Diagram

Technical Advantages

  • Intrinsically safe sensors, can be installed in the hazardous location.
  • Continuous linear sensor provides superior coverage.
  • Sensors withstand high temperature, can be restored after alarm.
  • Rugged Sensors, resistance to bending.
  • Sensors are easy installation and replacement.
  • Simply system layout.
  • Detect the real-time temperature of the hot spot.
  • Detect the position, size of the hot spot.

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