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FIEE 2023 – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Senkox will be exhibiting at the FIEE exhibition from July 18th to 21st. Our mission is to further introduce our systems, and demonstrate the advanced features and benefits of our distributed temperature monitoring solutions, specifically within the Oil Gas and Utility industry. Applications ranging from fuel storage temperature monitoring, reprocessing vessels monitoring, onshore or offshore applications, the versatile application of the Senkox family of solutions is the future in distributed temperature monitoring.

“Welcome to FIEE. Now, be YOU.”

FIEE is the only business trade show in Brazil that showcases equipment, products, solutions and the latest trends in electrical and electronic installations for all types of industries.

This traditional trade show has been on the sector’s calendar for over 60 years, offering four days dedicated to companies in these segments, so they can negotiate with their main buyers, including engineers, IT professionals and industrial technicians. The brands present, both national and international, offer inputs and solutions that enable industries to embark on their digital transformations, achieve energy efficiency and apply the concepts of connectivity, automation and IoT.

Senkox will be exhibiting throughout the duration of the show. During our exhibit, we will introduce our distributed temperature monitoring systems, and their advantages within the various industries of petrochemical and oil.

Senkox’s mission while in attendance of the exhibition is to:

  • Provide technical demonstrations of the system, and how it functions.
  • Introducing the working principle behind the technology, and it’s advantages as a distributed temperature monitoring system.
  • The sensor’s structure and direct advantage in relation to the various applications within petrochemical industries.
  • Convirsing with members within the petrochemical industry and learning more about the culture of the region.

We at Senkox are delighted to be in attendance at the InterSolar exhibition, and anticipate it to be an enriching experience.


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