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Fuel Tank Farm Application

Senkox Technologies Inc. has completed various projects in relation to petroleum and fuel storage. Due to the Intrinsic Safety of the sensors construction, the features of real time temperature monitoring, as well as the flexible alarm settings, the Senkox system is ideal for such sensitive applications.


The ever present risk of combustion and fire outbreaks within petroleum storage containers creates many unique and delicate requirement for temperature monitoring and heat detection systems. Whether it’s a spark created by weather, friction created by the floating roof, or other conditions, even the smallest fire outbreak has the potential to become disastrous.

For this project, not only did the end-user require a detection system that can provide real-time temperature information, the detection system was going to be in a very sensitive environment, which requires the system to be intrinsically safe. Due to the risk of a small outbreak growing very rapidly, the safety personnel wanted to be alerted when there is a fluctuation in temperatures, before an outbreak would occur, which requires a pre-alarm function. Due to the placement of the sensor, they required a sensor that was very durable, and would be resistant to uv damage.

This fuel storage farm had many fuel tanks that required monitoring, so a requirement from the end user was a way to network and integrate all of the information from the DAQ modules into one DCS system.

Taking all of this into consideration, and using our decades of field experience, Senkox was able to approach their unique needs and develop a system ideal for temperature monitoring and hot-spot detection.


INTRINSIC SAFETY: To avoid a spark or short circuit within the sensor, the Senkox LHS sensor requires no power to function, nor does it store any power, making them Intrinsically Safe.

• PRE-ALARM CAPABILITY: The DAQ module can be set to trigger the alarm at any temperature desired, allowing you to set a pre-alarm and be alerted before disaster hits.

• NETWORKING STRUCTURE: The DAQ module can connect to any existing suppression or alarm system using dry contact relays. The RS485 connection port allows the system to be integrated into a DCS or control room.


Senkox HSD Linear Hot Spot Heat Sensor Overview

• SENSOR DURABILITY: The Teflon coated outer jacket allows the sensor to be very durable, but also flexible. The sensor is resistant to EMI, UV rays, as well as rain and humidity.


The sensor was installed near the secondary rim seal, where the most friction occurs. The DAQ is contained in an explosive proof box with isolation barriers for additional safety. Extension cables were used to connect the sensor to the DAQ module.

Senkox Linear HSD Hot Spot Heat Detection Oil Storage System

Installation Diagram

Multiple DAQ modules (up to 256) are connected through one RS485 communication port, and is connected to the DCS system. This allows personnel to monitor all DAQ modules installed on the tanks.

Senkox HSD Linear Hot Spot Heat Detector Alarm Configurations


The Senkox HSD system allowed the end user to monitor the temperature of all the fuel tanks in real time, and ensured that there would be warning before disaster strikes. Along with the saved maintenance cost due to the system’s durability, the end user was very satisfied. The Senkox Solution saves him time, repair costs, and most importantly – lives.