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Senkox HSD™ Linear Heat Sensors

Product Description

The Senkox HSD™ Linear Heat Sensors (LHS) are 2nd generation Senkox LHS. We improve the material’s performance over the 1st generation sensor, and also introduce new processing technology to provide comprehensive hot spot detection solutions.

The Senkox HSD™ Linear Heat Sensors are designed to be highly flexible, durable, and to be applicable for different environmental conditions. The sensors withstand high temperature, high abrasion, high pressure and are oil proof. The sensors are intrinsically safety and can be used in hazardous locations.


  • Innovative sensor materials and process provide stable function and uniform sensitivity.
  • Wide operating temperature: from -40°C to 600°C.
  • No damage to sensors after alarm, re-usable.
  • Sensors withstand high abrasion, high pressure.
  • Flexible and rugged sensor cable.
  • Intrinsically safe.