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Senkox TDS Temperature Monitoring Systems

Senkox TDS Temperature Monitoring Systems are a group of specifically configured detectors designed to monitor assets in various industrial settings. With continuous temperature monitoring, this customized system ensures that you’ll be alerted immediately to any temperature changes.

The TDS system is capable of detecting hot spot temperatures, positions and sizes in real-time. The DAQ module provides a unique and user-friendly interface that details and records this data and alerts the user when a hot spot or overheating occurs. This ensures your company is equipped with the most robust and up-to-date solution on the market.

In addition to continuous monitoring, the system also provides mounting solutions, sensor connectors, junction enclosures, and temperature meters for different infrastructure and devices, such as coal storage silos, fuel storage tanks, transformer temperature monitoring and cable trays.

System Structure


System  Function Application
TDS-CS Coal storage temperature monitoring system Coal silo, Coal dome, coal conveyor system
TDS-FS Fuel storage temperature monitoring system Oil storage tank
TDS-CT Cable tray temperature monitoring system Power cable tray and tunnel
TDS-TR Transformer temperature monitoring system Transformer