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Seknox Seminars

Senkox Technologies Inc. periodically hosts web seminars to go over our temperature monitoring systems. We do this by first discussing the working principle behind our technology and it’s advantages through various applications. Once we’ve gone over how the system functions, we demonstrate it live through two presentations. We first demonstrate how the system monitors temperature, then we demonstrate how the system functions when exposed to open flame or is damaged. Lastly, we have a short Q&A session where we go over any industry specific questions or concerns.

If you are a distributor looking to expose the benefits of the Senkox solution to many individuals within your region at once, this might be the best solution for you. Please contact us if interested, and we will begin setting up a seminar for your region.



  • Introduction to Senkox and it’s technology. (10min)
  • Working demonstration of how the system monitors temperatures. (10min)
  • Working demonstration of how the system functions when exposed to flame. (10min)
  • Review of application specific systems and their benefits. (10min)
  • Technical Q&A. (10min)

Estimated Duration: 50-60 minutes.