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Senkox Certification Program

Join our esteemed Certification Program designed to empower distributors and partners with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively represent, install, and maintain our cutting-edge systems. This comprehensive program aims to ensure proficiency in the latest fire safety and security technologies, enhancing your ability to provide superior solutions to clients. Gain official recognition from Senkox Technologies, validate your expertise, and leverage this certification to foster trust with potential projects and end users, setting a standard of excellence in the industry.

If you are a distributor looking to expose the benefits of the Senkox solution to many individuals within your region at once, this might be the best solution for you. Please contact us if interested, and we will begin setting up a seminar for your region.



  • Phase One: Core Training
    • Working Principle
    • Application Design and Installation
    • Software Configurations
    • Connection and Communication Customization
    • Understanding Competitors
    • Retraining and Proposal Generation
  • Phase Two: Advanced Application and Troubleshooting
    • System Setup
    • Connections Setup
    • Advanced Software Attunements
    • Q&A
  • Safety and Regulation Compliances

Estimated Duration: 12-16hrs.